New Xubuntu logo + permission to use on t-shirts (and later, some other merch items too)

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Sat Mar 24 13:33:46 CET 2012


sorry for going a bit more offtopic, I just want to make sure there is a
logged reply for reference.

On 03/24/2012 01:40 PM, Raphael Groner wrote:
> Hi,
> this is the mailing list for Xfce development. I suggest you to better
> ask directly at the Xfce Foundation for topics about merchandising.
> xfce-foundation at
> I am kindly forwarding this message by CC for you.


> Pasi Lallinaho pasi at 
> Fri Mar 23 22:53:29 CET 2012
>> We are planning to design some Xubuntu t-shirts (and possibly some
>> other merch items at a later date) to be sold on the internet in a
>> shop like Spreadshirt or so, or a few. We will not be making any
>> money out of it (we couldn't, Canonical policy), but we would like to
>> check with you if it's okay to use our new logo that is very loosely
>> based on the Xfce logo, on the shirts.
> Please read the following archived mail of Christian. He talks about
> exactly your topic.

It's not exactly the same, since we only want to know if it's okay to
use the logo that is loosely based on the Xfce logo. Generally, we are
just being nice and making sure it's all okay with Xfce.

I see the connection on these issues, though, and linking is appreciated.

>> [1]
> I don't get where people should see the connection to Xfce and/or
> Ubuntu/Canonical. Xubuntu is now AFAIK a distribution completely
> driven by the community. In past, there were also officially and partly
> support from Canonical.

People shouldn't see the connection. They aren't connected. Xubuntu, a
derivative of Ubuntu, uses Xfce desktop, and that's it.

Xubuntu has always been driven by community. There hasn't been any
financial support from Canonical. Xubuntu has been, and is, an
officially recognized derivative. In addition, Canonical supports the
development by providing infrastructure to help us work on Xubuntu.

However, since our name is Xubuntu, we are tied to some policies, and
one of them is (or at least has been) that we can't make money out of
the development. But that was just a sidenote on the email anyway.

> Personally, I don't like the logo. Why did you decide to restrict it
> again?

It works better on different contexts (think: dark or light backgrounds)
and (espically smaller) sizes.

While there's been mixed feedback, I think it generally is a good
improvement to the old logo. Reducing the complexity is also a logical
step, looking at the previous logo change too.

To prevent more offtopic messages, if any of you want to discuss the new
logo further, feel free to post the Xubuntu development mailing list [1]
or join us at IRC, #xubuntu-devel on Freenode. Thanks.

> Greets.
> -R.
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