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Thu Jan 5 20:13:32 CET 2012


On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Natanael Copa <ncopa at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for working on squeeze!
> On Wed, 4 Jan 2012 10:46:42 +0100
> Stephan Arts <stephan at> wrote:
>> At the moment, squeeze is not ready for production use. It is
>> undergoing 2 massive changes:
>> 1) libsqueeze is overhauled, cleaned up and stabilized (peter mainly
>> does this) 2) the user-interface is rewritten (that's where I am
>> working on)
>> The way squeeze is designed now means you don't need to patch it to
>> get support for new archive-types.
>> libsqueeze reads ini-style files to determine how to use the
>> command-line tools that can manipulate the different archives. - One
>> thing I hated about early squeeze development and the development of
>> xarchiver was that you needed a new version every time someone came up
>> with 'yet' another obscure format to be supported ;). This design,
>> though a tad complex, should solve that.
> I think I would have preferred .so plugins for formats so you don't
> need execute external commands and can do smart speed ups in case of
> huge archives.
> How about something like:
> [application/x-tar]
> # plugin that uses

As an alternative a small application which implements the library.
this application could be interfaced with squeeze like any other
application. There are not enough benefits to plugins which way up to
the benefits of a separate application.

>> An example of a config-file can be seen here:
> In alpine linux we have busybox tar/gzip/bzip2 etc by default but you
> can add gnu tar which will override the busybox tool. It would be nice
> if both could be supported and when busybox tar is active you have
> reduced functionallity (no tar --delete). This would not be needed if
> plugins are used as mentioned above.

It is posible not supporting all elements of archive (extract delete
add). These option will be disabled in the user interface.

> I also see a problem with the config example using the >. How do you
> catch errors and clean up? (think: out of disk)

Squeeze will try to cleanup after errors of running subcommands from
the .squeeze files.

> How do you indicate that an archive format has reduced functionallity?
> For example .iso is a "read-only" format.

options will be disabled in the ui.

> I'd like add support for
>> Currently (though it does not seem like it in public repo) the code is
>> under heavy flux. So accepting patches is a bit difficult.
>> If you want to submit feature-requests, support-files or other things.
>> You are welcome to help :)
>> Regards,
>> Stephan
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