Building XFCE 4.8 on Centos 5.7

Alasdair Thomson gzunkal at
Tue Oct 18 17:54:59 CEST 2011


I¹m trying to build 4.8 on Centos 5.7, but it¹s complaining about:

checking for gobject-2.0 >= 2.18.0... found, but 2.12.3
*** The required package gobject-2.0 was found on your system,
*** but the installed version (2.12.3) is too old.
*** Please upgrade gobject-2.0 to atleast version 2.18.0, or adjust

What I¹d like to ask is how difficult would it be for me to build
gobject-2.0? Considering I found gobject-2.0 in the glib2-devel package it
suggest that if I want to update it I¹m going to be basically building gnome
and that¹s probably quite a bit of effort.

The version of XFCE that¹s included in the repository is 4.4, but I just
wanted something a bit more recent.


Alasdair Thomson
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