Removal of the location button

Andrzej ndrwrdck at
Mon Nov 7 16:05:04 CET 2011

On 11/07/2011 10:46 PM, Harald Judt wrote:
> Am 07.11.2011 14:03, schrieb Andrzej:
>> Also, perhaps I should file a bug(?) for it, I found that in
>> "View/Location Selector" menu checkboxes are swapped. That is, when
>> "Pathbar Style" is selected a toolbar is shown, and vice versa. Perhaps
>> it is better to use here mutually exclusive radiobuttons anyway.
> I think that's actually the way it is intended to be. The selection
> shows the current mode.

Oh, I see. It does work properly. I got confused by the (somewhat 
misleading) naming convention.

There are two choices:
1. pathbar
2. toolbar

which I interpreted as:
1. a bar showing a directory path
2. a bar with buttons (a toolbar)

but they really meant something different:
1. pathbar - just a name for the fancy path-as-buttons widget
2. a toolbar with a text field (indeed the toolbar is displayed only in 
this mode).

BTW, is there any reason for the toolbar to disappear in the mode (1)? 
While the "parent dir." button is redundant, other buttons could be 
still useful in this mode (back, forward, reload, home, maybe that 
down-arrow button we are discussing in this thread).

> Still, you're right, as radio buttons should
> have been chosen here like with the view modes (icons, list, details),
> because you switch between options, and can't turn on or off each of
> them separately.

OK, I think I understand why this and View/Sidebar menus currently use 
checkboxes - you _can_ disable both options if you wish so. This is 
indeed a useful function but I don't think checkboxes are a right tool 
for it - after all you can't _enable_ both checkboxes at once.

What do you guys think about the following View menu design?

   [x] Toolbar (includes navigation buttons _and_ the location selector)
   Location Selector:
     ( ) Path
     (*) Pathbar/Buttons/...? (now with navigation buttons)
   Side Pane:
     (*) Off
     ( ) Shortcuts       (Ctrl+B)
     ( ) Tree            (Ctrl+T)
   [x] Statusbar

Alternatively, if you don't like having navigation buttons in the 
Pathbar, how about a simpler version:

   Location Selector:
     ( ) Off
     ( ) Pathbar Style (I really think these names are a bit off)
     (*) Toolbar Style
   Side Pane:
     (*) Off
     ( ) Shortcuts       (Ctrl+B)
     ( ) Tree            (Ctrl+T)
   [x] Statusbar

One problem is how to deal with Ctrl+B/Ctrl+T shortcuts - currently they 
are wired directly to checkboxes so it is easy to toggle the side pane 
off. Nice little feature.

1. Add a third shortcut for the "Off" case and remove toggle behavior - 
the cleanest solution from the UI design perspective.
2. Wire Ctrl+B/Ctrl+T shortcuts to virtual actions (to maintain the 
present toggle behavior) and remove shortcut labels from the menu. More 
convenient but somewhat inconsistent and obscure.


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