Removal of the location button

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Mon Nov 7 16:29:44 CET 2011

On Tue, 08 Nov 2011 00:05:04 +0900
Andrzej <ndrwrdck at> wrote:

> Oh, I see. It does work properly. I got confused by the (somewhat 
> misleading) naming convention.
> There are two choices:
> 1. pathbar
> 2. toolbar
> which I interpreted as:
> 1. a bar showing a directory path
> 2. a bar with buttons (a toolbar)
> but they really meant something different:
> 1. pathbar - just a name for the fancy path-as-buttons widget
> 2. a toolbar with a text field (indeed the toolbar is displayed only
> in this mode).

Yes, the terminology chosen by us is somewhat misleading, I guess.
People have repeatedly referred to the pathbar as the "toolbar mode".
We're free to improve the situation of course. People have also called
the pathbar a collection of "breadcrumbs". "Location" is somewhat
ambiguous since both styles show the location (in their own way). I
guess we could also get rid of the " Style" suffix in the menu item

We have many choices, but I think this would better be discussed in a
separate thread as it's not related to the location button at all.
> BTW, is there any reason for the toolbar to disappear in the mode
> (1)? While the "parent dir." button is redundant, other buttons could
> be still useful in this mode (back, forward, reload, home, maybe that 
> down-arrow button we are discussing in this thread).

True, some buttons might still be useful *but* they are also available
from the menu. The toolbar disappears to make the pathbar mode resemble
the GTK+ file chooser more closely, and also to save precious vertical

> OK, I think I understand why this and View/Sidebar menus currently
> use checkboxes - you _can_ disable both options if you wish so. This
> is indeed a useful function but I don't think checkboxes are a right
> tool for it - after all you can't _enable_ both checkboxes at once.

Isn't this a minor issue for now? There are bigger things to fix (like
remote bookmarks in the shortcuts pane or other issues with remote file
systems or improvements of the desktop view into Thunar).
> What do you guys think about the following View menu design?

Your ideas aren't bad but this belongs into to its thread.

  - Jannis

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