introduction, gtk 2.22 porting, code (I don't use the majority of the extra panel plugins that live in their own , for instance, so I'm not going to port those myself)submission preferences

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Fri Mar 11 19:54:58 CET 2011


On Fri, 11 Mar 2011 10:36:03 -0800
Sean Middleditch <sean at> wrote:

> Sounds like this probably isn't the right desktop project for me to
> dig into then.  I'm just not interested in working on older base tech
> or on what I personally believe to be poor UI, and it sounds like the
> XFCE team's priorities and mine are simply not inline, making me a
> bad fit for this project.  I'll post what I have in Bugzilla after
> classes today so you guys have it available if you decide you want it.

Just because we decided against porting Xfce to GTK+ 3 in the 4.10
cycle doesn't mean we have to stick to "poor UI" as you phrase it.
There is always room for improvement on the UI side and with most of
these improvements there is not much of a difference between GTK+ 2
and GTK+ 3 (if at all).

  - Jannis

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