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> Hey,
> On Fri, 11 Mar 2011 10:36:03 -0800
> Sean Middleditch <sean at> wrote:
> > Sounds like this probably isn't the right desktop project for me to
> > dig into then.  I'm just not interested in working on older base tech
> > or on what I personally believe to be poor UI, and it sounds like the
> > XFCE team's priorities and mine are simply not inline, making me a
> > bad fit for this project.  I'll post what I have in Bugzilla after
> > classes today so you guys have it available if you decide you want it.
> Just because we decided against porting Xfce to GTK+ 3 in the 4.10
> cycle doesn't mean we have to stick to "poor UI" as you phrase it.
> There is always room for improvement on the UI side and with most of
> these improvements there is not much of a difference between GTK+ 2
> and GTK+ 3 (if at all).

I didn't mean to offend.  What "I personally believe to be" (and which
you're free to disagree with) poor UI includes things like the separator
panel plugin, or the 5 different styles of clocks.  I'm pretty minimalist.

I may still go ahead and implement the XRandR dialog anyway, because I
really really really really need that to work better than the current one.
 Literally, I have to go into xfsettings or use the command line to make my
second monitor work again after I unplug it.  And that's after the bug I
already hackily-fixed that caused unplugging it to create an invalid xrandr
config that included a large dead region of desktop space and made xfdestkop
horribly misrender the desktop and then eventually crash itself (and then
bring down the X server with it half the time... sigh).

>  - Jannis
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