Share xfce4-session and xfce4-power-manager code

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Wed Feb 16 09:10:05 CET 2011

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 8:11 AM, Ali Abdallah <aliov at> wrote:
> On 02/15/2011 04:04 PM, Nick Schermer wrote:
>> So IMHO
>> the best solution would be:
>> xfce4-session:
>> - Use org.xfce.Power.Manager
>> - Fallback to sudo if service failed (no permission) or is not
>> available (openbsd and people who haven't installed Xfpm).
> Fallback to sudo just for reboot/shutdown, no sudo suspend/hibernate methods
> are supported, do we plan to support these options via sudo ?

No no suspend/hibernate; but the goal it that it will continue to work
with openbsd and other systems that have no support for Xfpm (and can
thus ship without it).

>> Xfpm:
>> - Xfpm needs to extend org.xfce.Power.Manager with some of the methods
>> from org.freedesktop.PowerManagement (with error replies, so we can
>> give good feedback if also sudo failed, somthing that is lacking atm).
>> - It should be a dbus-service as well, this way it never fails (from
>> xfce4-session's point of view).
> Sounds good, but people will have to install xfpm always with Xfce right ?
> In this case, is this to add for the 4.10 release cycle ?

If they want support for power actions with upower/pol/console-kit;
then yes. And indeed, Xfpm will be part of the 4.10 cycle.

>> In case we rely more on Xfpm it should also be improved in a couple of
>> other areas I think:
>>   - Possibly also quit if it has nothing to do.
> Okay, by the way, do we have a unique like functionality somewhere in xfce
> or glib/gtk ? i have something like that in xfpm, which acts more or less
> like libunique.

No, we don't.; GtkApplication appeared in gtk3 IIRC.

>>   - Consider using more library api (libupower, polkit); probably
>> easier to maintain in the future, not to mention easier to understand.
> Okay, but this more or less means that we have to add new depenencies to
> Xfce right ? since the session will use the service provided by xfpm which
> depends on those.

Like I said, Xfpm has to move to core; which means git repo moves to
/xfce/ and we ship it with the release tarball. You can still do your
own releases of course.


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