[Xfce4-commits] <xfce4-session:master> Reuse existing ConsoleKit sessions (bug #6685).

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Wed Sep 8 22:29:37 CEST 2010

On 08/09/2010 22:06, Mike Massonnet wrote:

>> Now, with the change above, I can't do any of these things.
>> xfce4-session-logout only offers Logout, reboot and halt are disabled.
>> Also mounting my USB stick doesn't work with this change.
>> I don't use any display manager, just plain console login as in good
>> old days.
> I can second that. Now i can see only one CK session, so the patch
> works as intended. But I'm not able to shutdown/reboot or mount with
> gvfs-mount and this if I log in through a tty using startxfce4.
> I don't see why I have to use startx or add polkit configuration
> files, really startxfce4 should just work<tm>!

Because you're just reinventing the wheel.

> If I login through GDM
> everything works fine (it already worked fine with it before, in my
> case).
>> Has anyone else similar problems or is just me?
>> Btw, all this happens on Debian Testing.
> You are not alone, and this happens on ArchLinux.
> I have restored "ck-l-s dbus-l" inside xinitrc and login through a tty
> works fine as long as you don't use the pam_ck_connector plugin[1]
> (make sure it is commented inside /etc/pam.d/login). Patch is updated
> on bug 6690[2]. The "if" condition checks whether ck-l-s exists and
> that a session isn't already launched, so running it through GDM is
> safe.
> I wonder what happens with Slim or XDM, but I'm not gonna test that,
> this is just a random mess that Freedesktop has bring up :p
> [1] NB: when using the pam_ck_connector plugin I have automatically an
> XDG_SESSION_COOKIE variable set and a ck-session open (seen with
> ck-list-sessions) but when reusing this session nothing was working
> inside X, perhaps it has to do that the info for x11-display was empty
> as displayed by ck-l-s...
I don't know on other distros, I have to admit. But the exact same
problems arise when ConsoleKit was introduced in Debian, and fixes were
already provided for the CK startup scripts (where the fixes really
belong imho).

See http://molly.corsac.net/~corsac/90consolekit if you don't have it on


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