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> > Models of design of the program about which we speak?
> > This is understandable. I'll dizaayn is not a problem. I would find
> hotel.
> > What should be the correct program for xfce? on C / gtk?
> You could use Glade for mokups, but also a description how you want to
> embed or communicate with the other programs. Should for example the
> panel implement a module or provide some other kind of file, or do you
> want to modify only xfconf settings. In Xfce we love modularity, so
> this is an important topic, also notice we already have something to
> embed most of the settings dialogs in xfce4-settings-manager (compile
> xfce4-settings with --enable-pluggable-dialogs), see the video in this
> blog post for more info:
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All clear. When I create a mokups in Glade, what do I do with it? Where to
lay out?
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