Xfce user help (aka documentation) writers needed

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 07:55:12 CET 2010

Hi All,

I have been in touch with a few of you over the past few weeks, but wanted
to formally seek the assistance of people in writing user help (aka
documentation) for the Xfce project.

We're going to be writing the user help in Mallard [1], and you can see a
sample set of mallard-based documentation on my website [2].  Mallard works
best when we author things in a topic-based fashion, so that's what we'll
aim to do.  Topic-based help frequently answers the basic question of "How
do I . . . ?" thus providing users with digestible chunks of information
that address their specific needs.  You can see more about topic-based help
by reading the initial portions of this article [3].

i'd also like to plan out some time for us to meet on IRC (exact meeting
channel is TBD) to discuss and plan the project.  if you're interested,
please mark your available meeting times on the following poll:


Thanks, all.  I'm enthusiastic about this project, and I hope you'll help me
in making Xfce better for all us.  :-)


[1] Mallard website (under construction):
[2] Documentation source files: http://j1m.net/?attachment_id=153 and html
output files: http://j1m.net/?attachment_id=154
[3] Topic based help info: http://dita.xml.org/topic-based-authoring
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