Xfce documentation update

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 06:29:33 CET 2010

Hi All,

I wanted to provide the team with an update on Xfce documentation, and to
also seek your input.  I've pretty much completed the documentation for the
soon-to-be released update to Xfce4 Screenshooter as a proof-of-concept for
Xfce documentation in Mallard.  I've been providing samples and updates to
Jérôme as I've been going along, and he's been pleased with the progress,
and the output [1].

The next steps will be to get the docs into git in a way that allows us to
compile the docs individually, as part of the application, and / or as part
of the larger set of Xfce documentation.  In chatting with Jannis on IRC, he
(casually) suggested a po/ directory with translation files for the entire
xfce4-docs and a docs/ and docs/src/ and docs/html folders, and with
docs/src/thunar, docs/src/xfdesktop subdirs (same for docs/html/...).

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I will send a follow-up note regarding getting help on doc planning and
writing more content.  With regards to the html output I've provided, it is
the default html output. I've also provided these samples to Pasi Lallinaho
from the Xubuntu / Shimmer teams, and he is going to assist with CSS theming
for the documentation output.  He does good work, so I'm excited about what
we may be able to produce.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the documentation, please let
me know.  Thanks


[1] Screenshooter documentation source: http://j1m.net/?attachment_id=153
Screenshooter documentation html output: http://j1m.net/?attachment_id=154

Note: I'm working out a kink in the HTML output where the admon graphics
(e.g., warning, caution, tip, etc.) aren't being displayed properly.
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