Web developers and contributors needed for xfce.org

Jérôme Guelfucci jeromeg at xfce.org
Sun Feb 14 22:57:38 CET 2010


We are looking for new persons to help us to take care of the Xfce web 
site (http://www.xfce.org/). We need a web developer/designer to handle 
the technical details and someone to improve/update the contents (can be 
the same person, but it would be nice to build a team).

Our web site runs a home made PHP based CMS (with no online interface) 
which we would like to keep (improvements and bug fixes are welcome of 
course) for the time being. Though, its contents needs some love: some 
pages are strongly outdated, the style could be refreshed, some pages 
still use tables for layout, etc. We also need to find a solution for 
localization: the current system requires the user to translate raw PHP 
pages and often leads to errors when going live, up to the point that we 
are considering dropping translations. This will highly depend on the 
people who get involved in the web site.

The web developer position requires a good PHP, HTML and CSS knowledge 
to be able to handle the different aspects of the web site. A good 
command of English to update/rework the different pages and make the web 
site easier to use, this also requires to follow the Xfce development to 
update the web site accordingly. Of course, this work can be done as a 
team if several persons step in. This is a good opportunity to start 
contributing to the Xfce project and this work will be appreciated by a 
lot of Xfce users.

Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you in advance!


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