git conversion status update

Brian J. Tarricone brian at
Tue May 26 20:55:59 CEST 2009

Hey all,

Here's a quick update...

1.  All svn repos are now converting without errors.  I consider it 
*almost* perfect now.  The problem is that I had to fix some tags in SVN 
where binary files had the svn:eol-style property set, which was 
breaking things.  Those tags, when converted to git, will have my name 
on them.  But it's too much of a pain to fix, so I won't.

2.  I have a fine-grained commit permissions script "done."  I'm not 
sure if it really works beyond some minimal testing.  I'm pretty sure I 
missed some corner cases, so I need to play around with this some more.

3.  I updated the xdt-i18n script to work with git.  It's not tested at 
all, but should probably work.  I think.

4.  Jannis still needs to send me his new git commit mail script.

5.  With the git move, https commits won't work anymore (there's no way 
to run pre-/post-commit hooks with git over https).  So everyone will 
have a ssh account on mocha, and current https-only users will get a 
restricted shell account (using git-shell) that only lets them run a 
couple git commands as well as 'passwd'.  I wrote a script to convert 
all the existing accounts and email temp passwords to everyone.

6.  For users that wish to use a ssh pubkey to log in, I'll have to 
figure out something automated, cuz I don't want to deal with manual 

7.  Commit messages from svn will have "(Old svn revision: #####)" 
appended to them.

8.  Since everyone will get a homedir on mocha (even tho most people 
won't be able to do anything with it), we can easily support "userdir" 
git repos.

There's still probably a lot more to do...


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