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Tue May 26 23:45:37 CEST 2009


On Tue, 26 May 2009 11:55:59 -0700
"Brian J. Tarricone" <brian at> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Here's a quick update...
> 1.  All svn repos are now converting without errors.  I consider it 
> *almost* perfect now.  The problem is that I had to fix some tags in
> SVN where binary files had the svn:eol-style property set, which was 
> breaking things.  Those tags, when converted to git, will have my
> name on them.  But it's too much of a pain to fix, so I won't.


> 2.  I have a fine-grained commit permissions script "done."  I'm not 
> sure if it really works beyond some minimal testing.  I'm pretty sure
> I missed some corner cases, so I need to play around with this some
> more.

Awesome. Can't we set up test repositories to test all the new
infrastructure bits like the hook scripts, transifex?

> 3.  I updated the xdt-i18n script to work with git.  It's not tested
> at all, but should probably work.  I think.
> 4.  Jannis still needs to send me his new git commit mail script.

Yes, sorry. I'm gonna work on that next week, when I'm back at home.

> 5.  With the git move, https commits won't work anymore (there's no
> way to run pre-/post-commit hooks with git over https).  So everyone
> will have a ssh account on mocha, and current https-only users will
> get a restricted shell account (using git-shell) that only lets them
> run a couple git commands as well as 'passwd'.  I wrote a script to
> convert all the existing accounts and email temp passwords to
> everyone.
> 6.  For users that wish to use a ssh pubkey to log in, I'll have to 
> figure out something automated, cuz I don't want to deal with manual 
> requests.
> 7.  Commit messages from svn will have "(Old svn revision: #####)" 
> appended to them.

Why not just "(SVN revision: #####)" which is a little less noise? No
strong opinion here.

> 8.  Since everyone will get a homedir on mocha (even tho most people 
> won't be able to do anything with it), we can easily support
> "userdir" git repos.
> There's still probably a lot more to do...

I have all transifex modules ready an I even have a working test setup
installed locally. But somehow easy_install is badly broken so that
installing one of them makes the others inaccessible from Python (by
overwriting easy-install.pth cache file or something). I'll try to sort
that out and then we could install them on mocha and point them to Xfce
test repositories. The modules are already part of moonbase, even
though they are a bit broken right now.

  - Jannis
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