exo-mount-notify sometimes don't show message

Shou-Lien Chen driftheart at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 10:01:01 CET 2009

Hi, All:

This may be the same but with [Bug 2769] on bugzilla.

According to my realization, the unmount notification is done by the
following process:

1. user invoke exo-mount to unmount a device
2. exo-mount will spawn exo-mount-notify, the exo-mount-notify will
listen SIGUSR1 signal
3. exo-mount finish the unmount process so that it kills
exo-mount-notify and sending a SIGUSR1 to it.
4. The exo-mount-notify will receive the SIGUSR1 signal and show a
message to inform user they can remove the device safely.

I found sometimes the "Device is now safe to remove" is not shown
since the exo-mount-notify is not done the preparation it's self.

When the kill command is shoot in exo-mount, the process of
exo-mount-notify exist but it can't response the SIGUSR1 signal.

If I sleep some seconds after the spawn of command exo-mount-notify,
then the "Device is now safe to remove" will indeed shown each time I
unmount a device.

Is this a timing issue? How can I fix this since the computer speed is
not always the same such that I can't sleep a constant of time.

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