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Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 08:36:59 CET 2009

I have a bit of experience on it, so I try to answer
On 13/03/2009 06:32, Xermán Soto wrote:
> Hello there. list:
> I am thinking about gui programming for XFCE using python. My 
> questions are:
> 1- All the GTK Reference manual applies to XFCE?
Yes. I explain. On XFCE you can run all the application that you want. 
You can run GTK application (the same toolkit of XFCE), you can run Qt 
based application, you can run Wx based application.
The best graphical you will have with GTK application because it will 
integrate very well with the remaining desktop enviroment.

If you use GTK, and you like it, that you have also the possibility to 
use PyXFCE (python-xfce) binding that allow you to create very nice 
things, like, for exaples, applet fox XFCE panel.
> 2- For Python, what is the easiest ide to start gui programming?
I learned with it, and it is nice. But python is not an ide, is a 
programming language. It is simple and there are a lot of examples.
> 3- Is there a good howto for start gui programming for XFCE? Which one?
You can search every tutorial that explain how to create PyGtk 
application (if you use python). Is not complicated, with 10 lines of 
code you can create your application.

Have a look on this:

> 4- Programming for XFCE is the same as for Gnome? As for gnome there 
> are guides and howtos.
A pygtk application run well in Gnome and in XFCE. There are differences 
only if you want to use XFCE libs or Gnome libs, but I think for simple 
application you don't need it.
> 5- For creating XFCE themes is there also a good howto?
I can't help you on this
> 6- Is it possible to modify XFWM? is there doc to understand the basis 
> of XFWM? where?
I can't help you on this
> Thanks a lot in advance.
> Best Regards

Good luck
Michele REnda

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