Jean-François Wauthy pollux at
Thu Mar 5 11:40:44 CET 2009

On Thu, 2009-03-05 at 10:25 +0100, Mike Massonnet wrote:
> Hi,

> I was about committing a correction in the po locale names (bug #4574)
> but then the hook failed for all the files I deleted.

> svn: Commit blocked by pre-commit hook (exit code 1) with output:
> /home/pollux/bin/ line 64: 1: Permission denied
> svnlook: Path 'libexo/trunk/po/nb_NO.po' does not exist
> [SNIP]

The problem seems to come from the fact that the file being deleted is
not present in the transaction and therefore svnlook cannot check if the
executable property is set.

I've added a check for the existence of the file in the transaction
before going on with the executable check.

Could you try to commit again ?

I'm on IRC if you're still having troubles.

Jean-François Wauthy <pollux at>
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