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> Vincent <mailinglists at> writes:
> > Ehm, yes.
> Do you really understood me?  Why do you answer me this:

Sorry, you are right, I didn't understand you correctly.

> > It's not just Windows that uses Ctrl+C for copying.
> or:
> > Of course. Copy-paste, however, means the same thing in Xfce as it does
> on
> > Windows. So why do the shortcut keys differently?
> > Ubuntu bootsplash? How is that Windows-like?
> Describe me two differences.

The Ubuntu one is black, features the Ubuntu logo, has a different colour
progress bar, and in fact has a progress bar anyway (the Windows one only
moves from left to right and vice versa).

> > It's only about what the goals of a project are.
> Of course.
> > If Xfce is only meant to be a nice window around the terminal, then
> > fine,
> Personally window decoration don't care to me.  If Twm would have smart
> positioning it will be enough for me.  The only thing that hurt me in a
> graphical interface is a bad font rendering.  Well if you are modern man
> and like pluck your eyebrows don't fill discouraged by me.
> > but if Xfce aims to be a full-blown desktop environment, then that's
> > what it should aim for.
> IMHO, it will be the same kde-gnome error.  Besides you will not give an
> option to users but just another fashion.
> > And if a developer feels like adding compositing support and advanced
> > desktop effects, then who are we to discourage them?
> Only a worker-bee mind feels discouraged by an opinion.  I am not your
> boss or your master.  Besides, if each one focuses in a different
> feature without think it the context and discussing the goal, the
> project will need a master brain (the word `project' implies common
> goals).  If don't, which finger will point to your focused mind "Clean
> that spot on the table" or "Correct this bug"?  It is what make the
> difference between a monolithic and modular human group tendency.
> > Besides, I think compositing in Xfce is very well done, i.e. as an
> > option so you don't have to use it.
> >
> > You might not find flickering windows an annoyance, but others do. "Real"
> > features is subjective.
> Oh, at least you've released the adjective `real' is subjective!  I see
> you are not concerned only in appearances!  Less people than you think
> has machines with enough memory and a graphical card driver that
> supports composite.  Besides composite is buggy.  So, modularizing this
> kind of features (I know it is done, I am giving an opinion, it is
> subjective, that's why, like a function, works in different contexts) as
> much as possible could be the only way we all will be happy.
> The same I answer to Ori:
> You have two choices: 1) accept that the whole idea of what I've said is
> reasonable and useful (despite machines, for humans all ideas are
> useful) or 2) follow in your `tardy' attempt of trying to trip me up
> with useless objections.

Or 3) accept that your opinion is yours and that you are entitled to it like
I am entitled to mine, and that opinions can differ ("subjective").

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