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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Fri Mar 7 20:37:31 CET 2008

For starters let me say I'm having quite a lot of trouble understanding 
you, but I'll do my best.

Kimat Boven wrote:
> this is not a bug obiviously
> if someone is in for setting up a platform of requests and dev interactions
> roll the dice lies
> hope this wont happen
> 2 A.T.

We have several such 'platforms': bugs.xfce.org, wiki.xfce.org, 
forum.xfce.org, and of course this mailing list.

> where would be the best place the show the requests & progress
> like a canvas advertising how it is today how people see it tommorow
> it could be a wiki
> or a website that is lively edditable by users
> like a shared document with the online edditor

Again: wiki.xfce.org.

> xfce could have a app that connects to an online page with
> a List of Xfce main componens (ike on the .org)
> each component > bugs - requests - devgress

An app... like a web browser?

> anyway i forgot my login and don't feel the need to subscribe again and
> again
> to add an request to a bunch of requests that are the same as mine possibly
> but in between whom there isn't interaction

Well, if you're not willing to work with us and make use of the tools we 
already have (tools which above you seem to be advocating!), you 
probably won't get far.

> it's like the ubuntu request wiki
> it's mouse wheels long
> there are so many repetitions
> and it's not synthetised

I'm not sure I understand.

> i mean dev could select request
> and set them on a list not to loose (how do they put it there : the
> choice-liking, favorable comments, obviousness)
> what could be likely to be seen in the further releases
> there is a past log list i guess from all the progress steps- adding -
> rmovings - bugfixes  -
> a future log list would be
> a way to see what could be forseen or expected

Are you talking about a roadmap?  We don't really have one, mainly 
because, out of the people actively working on Xfce, no one is able to 
give a predictable time commitment.  So things tend to get done when 
they get done, and new features and new direction tend to just appear 
organically.  There are feature requests on Bugzilla and the wiki, and 
we try to implement those as we feel is practical and useful.

> dev could be aware of what is being rewritten - editted - bugfixed

I think the devs are pretty well aware of what's going on in 
developer-land already.


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