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Kimat Boven skimat at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 20:06:52 CET 2008

this is not a bug obiviously
if someone is in for setting up a platform of requests and dev interactions
roll the dice lies
hope this wont happen
2 A.T.

where would be the best place the show the requests & progress
like a canvas advertising how it is today how people see it tommorow
it could be a wiki
or a website that is lively edditable by users
like a shared document with the online edditor

xfce could have a app that connects to an online page with
a List of Xfce main componens (ike on the .org)
each component > bugs - requests - devgress

anyway i forgot my login and don't feel the need to subscribe again and
to add an request to a bunch of requests that are the same as mine possibly
but in between whom there isn't interaction

it's like the ubuntu request wiki
it's mouse wheels long
there are so many repetitions
and it's not synthetised

i mean dev could select request
and set them on a list not to loose (how do they put it there : the
choice-liking, favorable comments, obviousness)
what could be likely to be seen in the further releases

there is a past log list i guess from all the progress steps- adding -
rmovings - bugfixes  -
a future log list would be
a way to see what could be forseen or expected

dev could be aware of what is being rewritten - editted - bugfixed

&so on
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