Video/drm & XFCE 4.4.2 freeze console (not with KDE 3.5)

Ori Bernstein ori at
Mon Jan 7 07:22:10 CET 2008

On Sun, 6 Jan 2008 21:59:23 -0800 (PST), Rob <spamrefuse at> said:

>          kernel: [drm:i915_wait_irq] *ERROR* i915_wait_irq: EBUSY --
>                           rec: 533 emitted: 563
> (the 'rec' and 'emitted' numbers vary from freeze to freeze).
> There is a also another thread on this issue, which is possibly related:

This sounds like a bug in the driver/DRI, where it fails to handle
composite correctly. At a guess, you have the compositor enabled in Xfce
and disabled in KDE, and this is causing your problem. (Alternatively,
it could be that Xfce uses the compositor differently.) Either way, the
bug lies in the driver, not Xfce.

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