Video/drm & XFCE 4.4.2 freeze console (not with KDE 3.5)

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Mon Jan 7 06:59:23 CET 2008


I'm running an updated version of Fedora 7 on a i386 PC.

The problem described below seems to only occur with recent
XFCE; and it does not occur with previous version of XFCE and
not with KDE 3.5.
Hence, this makes me believe there is a problem with XFCE 4.4.2
and not with the particular software that freezes my console.....

Ever since I have updated to the latest available XFCE (that is
4.4.2-1 for Fedora 7), this problem occurs with the program VMD:

This program uses Mesa and OpenGL. When the rendering starts,
the mouse & keyboard freeze and the console becomes useless.
A remote reboot of the system is needed.
In the /var/log/messages I get following message:

         kernel: [drm:i915_wait_irq] *ERROR* i915_wait_irq: EBUSY --
                          rec: 533 emitted: 563

(the 'rec' and 'emitted' numbers vary from freeze to freeze).

There is a also another thread on this issue, which is possibly related:

Once again: when using KDE 3.5, nothing like this occurs!!

Do you have an idea why XFCE 4.4.2 freezes my console?

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