xfce svn repo cleanup

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Wed Feb 27 18:40:10 CET 2008

Mike Massonnet wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 06:02:52PM -0800, Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

>> xfce4-themes -> xfce-obsolete
> Hemhem, maybe we want to tag themes and create branches for Xfce
> 4.2/4.4, even if theming is a hard work.  So move all the current themes
> inside trunk to tags/4.2, and put new themes (possibly out of
> xfwm4/trunk/themes) in?

Those themes aren't the themes you're thinking of -- xfce4-themes are 
old pre-icon-theme-spec private Xfce icon themes that the panel used to 
use, and they're obsolete now.

Otherwise we just have gtk-xfce-engine-2, which I think should remain in 
the main repo, and xfwm4-themes, which doesn't really need its own repo. 
  If you're suggesting breaking each theme into its own module, I think 
that's too much work (for Olivier, mainly) without really any gain.

>> xfce4-trigger-launcher -> xfce-obsolete
> This one works for the Xfce 4.4 panel, so I had say -> goodies

Oh, I had thought this one had never been ported to the 4.4 panel.  My 
mistake; looks like you're right.  Goodies it is.

> Tho not related to the xfce svn, the goodies svn has projects that can
> be moved to -obsolote IMHO.
> Here are plugins that now are bundled to the Xfce panel:
> xfce4-showdesktop-plugin
> xfce4-taskbar-plugin
> xfce4-windowlist-plugin

Good call, though we should ask the maintainers of those what they want 
to do with them, if they're still reachable.

> And here are other projects:
> xfce4-megahertz-plugin
> xfce4-bglist-editor
> xfce4-i8k-plugin
> xfce4-lua-graph-plugin
> xffm_theme_maker

Sure, if those are no longer maintained and/or aren't ported to the new 
panel, they can be moved to -obsolete.

I'm actually thinking of using -archive instead... -obsolete sounds a 
bit final and painful ^_~.


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