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Am Tue, 26 Feb 2008 21:11:31 +0100
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> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> > Jelle de Jong wrote:
> >> Is it possible to help mentoring from a remote country, so i don't
> >> have to go to google, if it is possible to do this from my
> >> university or my work place in the Netherlands I would be happy to
> >> mentor some of the projects.
> > 
> > Google's program terms don't require any travel at all on the part
> > of the mentors or the students.
> > 
> > However, I'm not sure that I'd feel comfortable with someone
> > mentoring who has not been all that involved with Xfce.  

Agreed. That doesn't make any sense at all.

> > If you are currently a student, perhaps you could present a 
> > proposal for a project to do yourself as a participant in GSoC?  If 
> > you're not a student, you could always add your project ideas to 
> > the wiki, and another student could pick them up.
> > 
> >> I do have large list of things that i want to discus because I
> >> currently disagree with some of the implementation strategy for
> >> the projects.
> > 
> > Why have we not heard about these before?  I do recall you posting
> > here in the past, but I don't remember any discussions coming out
> > of it.
> > 
> All true, I will definitely make some work out of it very soon, I am
> now guiding a few student projects around xfce on my university.
> I wanted to talk about a lot of things on fosdem 2008 but finding the 
> right people was a bit hard. I found everybody that I needed to speak
> to except the xfce you guys :-p.

Better post on this mailinglist then *everyone* will get to know your

  - Jannis
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