google summer of code

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Tue Feb 26 08:04:46 CET 2008

Hey all,

It's that time of year again.  Just wondering if we want to submit Xfce
as a mentoring organisation for GSoC.  I'd be happy to take care of the
paperwork and act as the org administrator, as well as mentor a student 
(or two?).

Xfce dev people: I know you guys have been increasingly busy over the
past year or so, so I'd like to get an idea of who would be willing and
able to commit to mentoring a student if we apply and are accepted.
Obviously, if we don't have say 4 or 5 people who can be mentors, 
there's probably no point in even applying.

I've created a page on the wiki (
with some project ideas that I spent a whole 15 minutes thinking about; 
everyone feel free to add to/edit that.  Don't be shy -- anything from 
module improvements to medium-sized new features to new panel plugins to 
new goodies.  Note of course that these are just preliminary ideas, and 
we don't yet know if we can come up with enough mentors or will even be 
accepted into the program.


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