New project in git: a graphical gvfs mount application

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at
Mon Dec 22 14:17:09 CET 2008


As said in the Sion thread, I started to work on a graphical GVfs mount
application.  As what I had in mind differs from Sion, I continued to
hack on it, and today I pushed the project to and tagged
it as the first version 0.0.1.

It is composed of a dialog to mount new remote file-systems, and a
daemon to do the mount operations.  I also wrote a panel plugin that
lists the mounts and open them in a click.

What I didn't wrote is a bookmarks manager, and there is no ability to
bookmark the new remote file-systems atm.  And on a last note, there is
no graphical GUI to unmount current remote file-systems.


git clone git://

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