Porting Thunar to GIO/GVfs

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at xfce.org
Wed Dec 17 20:55:39 CET 2008

Hey guys,

I'm planning on starting to port Thunar to GIO/GVfs this week. To make
this transition smooth and transparent, I've created a new branch
in the SVN repository called "port-to-gio". Everybody is free to check
it out, but please note that I DON'T RECOMMEND IT. Xfce 4.6 and Thunar
1.0 are not released yet and trunk still needs a lot of testing, so
please concentrate on that. 
The sole reason for starting the port so early is that I won't have
much time during my next semester break as I'll be writing on a thesis
then. So I hope I'll be done with the port before that.

I plan to merge all changes made to trunk into the branch while I'm
working on the port. This should be fine, especially as I plan to keep
thunar-vfs as long as possible.

I've thought about how I can make this transition as smooth as possible
and the roadmap I came up with is:

  1. Add dependency on GIO to Thunar.
  2. Replace the thunar-vfs functionality inside ThunarFile,
     ThunarFileInfo, ThunarDirectory and so on with calls to GIO,
     piece by piece. During this period of time, Thunar will use GIO and
     thunar-vfs in parallel as long as possible.
  3. Port thunar-vfs functionality for file actions like create, delete
     etc. to GIO piece by piece.
  4. Finally get rid of thunar-vfs.
  5. Add dependency on GVfs and add neccessary bits and pieces to make
     Thunar GVfs-aware.
 (6. Add ways to manage user-defined mounts inside Thunar.)

All this (except for 6.) is going to happen inside the branch and will
hopefully be ready for Thunar 1.2, for which the deadline still has to
be set anyway. Remember, we're still working on 1.0.

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