Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Aug 14 23:18:24 CEST 2008

jesse r wrote:
> ok i'd love to help with the xfce-menueditor as i feel it could be
> much better ...

Actually, xfce4-menueditor needs a complete backend rewrite.  For 4.6, 
the menu system is completely different and uses a different file 
format.  Currently we have no graphical menu editor that will work with 
the upcoming 4.6.

> the problem is my programing skills are curring not
> up to snuff to beable to do such a thing ......... untimitly i've
> like to maintatin it but ..... at this point i'm still sortting the
> code out ...... if you have any links to programing sites that are
> directly relatted to programing for this i will read them and i will
> make my best efferot to understand ...

I don't know of anything offhand, but perhaps others do...

> I'm not totly lost i've programed before it's just been a long time
> and it was in turbo pascal ... i know a little c and cpp i have books
> which i'm looking over ... but any help that you could offer to get
> me going would be great ........ i know i'm not good enough at
> programing as of yet to beable to maintain any thing as of yet but
> with a little help it wouldn't take me long i know the basic
> programing structure and i've been looking at the src code .... i do
> understand a lot of it but i've had no pratice with gtk/ or widget
> programing .... the last time i did anything in c was hmmm grade 11
> so like 6 or 7 years ago ....

You probably want to start with some very small tasks, like finding a 
bug in bugzilla that you care about, and then reading some code to 
reacquaint yourself with C and how things work.  Diving into a codebase 
that needs major changes to work properly is probably going to be very 
frustrating for you, and understandably so.

The open source world is a bit of a "do-ocracy" -- if you want to do 
something, do it.  Google around, look for programming resources online. 
  This is certainly something you can at least start to do on your own. 
  Please understand that we're all volunteers here, and we don't have 
the time to teach you C.  If anyone has some pointers to websites that 
they think are great for beginning C programmers, I'm sure they'll point 
them out to you, but for the most part, you're on your own in the 
beginning.  If you have questions about how some specific Xfce-related 
code works, feel free to ask, but I'm afraid we're not a general C 
programming help forum.


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