about the xdg user dirs again

Andrea Santilli yawara at quipo.it
Tue Aug 12 17:50:59 CEST 2008

Il giorno mar, 12/08/2008 alle 16.47 +0200, Christian Dywan ha scritto:
> Am Tue, 12 Aug 2008 16:16:18 +0200
> schrieb Andrea Santilli <yawara at quipo.it>:
> > Just a couple of questions about the ideal implementation of the user
> > directory compatibility thing.
> > 
> > Does anyone mind if I let thunar write the user directories in gconf? 
> > In this way other applications that have no dependencies on thunar
> > might access those values without having to reinvent the wheel.
> I'm pretty sure a lot of people mind, many people actually don't have
> gconf and still use Xfce. It's not something that you can depend on.
> If it were a good idea to store these paths anywhere, that would be
> xfconf. Please have a look at Xfce trunk if you are interested.
> Now I said *if it were* since I'm not convinced that is the right
> approach. Isn't the whole point of the ".dirs" files to store custom
> directories names? I don't quite follow why we should dublicate that.
> ciao,
>     Christian

Hmmm ok I guess I missed something lol. What's xfconf now?
I doubt it's part of the 4.4.x branch.. so what branch am I writing
stuff for?


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