xfce/modules/trunk(-po): all core modules?!

Stephan Arts stephan at xfce.org
Wed Nov 28 09:04:46 CET 2007


I was wondering, what is the policy regarding the
xfce/modules/trunk(-po) link in svn?

Does it cover all 'core' components, or should it cover all trunk's
from every component inside the xfce repositories?

At the moment, it contains the following modules:

 - libexo
 - libxfce4menu
 - libxfce4util
 - libxfcegui4
 - mousepad
 - thunar
 - xfcalendar (s/xfcalendar/orage/ ?)
 - xfce4-appfinder
 - xfce4-icon-theme (rodent should really be made somewhat
icon-naming-spec compliant i guess, but's that offtopic)
 - xfce4-mixer
 - xfce4-panel
 - xfce4-session
 - xfce4-terminal
 - xfce4-toys (dummy package)
 - xfce4-trigger-launcher
 - xfce-mcs-manager
 - xfce-mcs-plugins
 - xfce-utils
 - xfdesktop
 - xffm (no longer part of xfce releases)
 - xfmedia
 - xfprint
 - xfwm4

And, the following modules reside in the repositories besides that:

 - installit
 - libfrap
 - pyxfce
 - terminal
 - squeeze
 - xarchiver
 - xfburn
 - xfc
 - xfce-installers
 - xfce4-debs
 - xfce4-iconbox
 - xfce4-perl
 - xfce4-systray
 - xfce4-themes
 - xffm-icons
 - xfwm4-themes

I imagine some of these components are outdated, depricated or
abandoned. Others are brand-new or experimental. But in any case, I
believe the xfce/modules/trunk(-po) links are a bit outdated, it might
be a good idea what to include and what to exclude from it.


Mike's xdt-i18n script[0] checks-out this link, so any package not
inside the xfce/modules/trunk-po thingy is not going to be checked out
for translation.

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