Little xfdsektop/libxfce4menu question

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Sun Nov 4 06:12:56 CET 2007

On Sun, 4 Nov 2007 00:29:44 +0100 mmassonnet at wrote:

> Hi,
> I have compiled xfdesktop with the following configure line:
> 	./configure --disable-desktop-icons	\
> 	--disable-desktop-menu-dir-monitor	\
> 	--disable-menu-editor			\
> 	--disable-panel-plugin			\
> 	--enable-maintainer-mode		\
> 	--enable-debug=full
> First let me explain why I ended with such a mess.  With the
> monitoring, someone did something weird at some point in a way that
> the menus stopped to pop up after a while.  I restarted it, several
> times, and I was always hit by the same issue.

Console output?  Is it xfdesktop hanging?  If so, gdb
backtrace?  C'mon... need a bit more to go on here ^_~

If you're getting a hang, I suspect it's gamin that's the problem...

> So I disabled the monitoring stuff, and the menu behaves fine.
> Hardly! I can execute all the items in the root menu — e.g. Quit,
> Help, About — but all the items in the sub-menus are not executed.

Works fine here...  Again -- any console output?

> Now what I'm looking for is the piece of code that has the signal
> "activate" for the menu items, so if you could tend me a hand there, I
> would be glad!

Kinda hidden - libxfcegui4/xfce-appmenuitem.c.  Yeah, it was a lame
idea to put it in libgui, but... I'm lame.


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