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Landry Breuil landry.breuil at
Mon May 28 11:38:08 CEST 2007

2007/5/27, Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at>:

> > I've seen too that GNUTLS 1.2.0 was mandatory for STARTTLS/SSL
> > support, and, quoting brian in the changelog, "hopefully i'll be able
> > to make this optional later".. is it still in the plan ? We only have
> > gnutls 1.0.25 on OpenBSD (yeah, lame, i know..), so i can't make the
> > port for the plugin with SSL-enabled parts.. sad.
> Have you tried changing the version check in configure to allow use of
> gnutls 1.0.x?  I don't know if they're API-compatible; when I wrote
> mailwatch's SSL support, I had 1.2 installed, so I depended on the
> oldest version I felt like testing with.  If it does compile, please
> make sure it actually works with SSL-enabled IMAP or POP3 servers, and
> submit a patch to change the version requirement to that which you
> tested.

I've tried hacking to make it compile against 1.0.x, and they're not
API-compatible at first sight.. got to test it deeper.

Otherwise, you can at least just not compile with SSL support.

That's the fallback-plan.

> Reading the code, i
> > suppose it won't be simple to replace GNUTLS with OpenSSL...
> OpenSSL is not GPL-compatible[1].  If I were to add support for another
> crypto library, it would be Mozilla NSS.  I have no immediate plans to
> do so, however.

Ok, thanks for the clarification :)

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