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Landry Breuil landry.breuil at
Fri May 25 22:15:49 CEST 2007

2007/5/25, Nick Schermer <nickschermer at>:
> 2007/5/25, Landry Breuil <landry.breuil at>:
> > I didn't want
> > to start with galago's notification-daemon, because it depended on gconf
> et
> > al.
> That was the reason I ported it to Xfce more as a fun project, but it
> ended up in the repo and at the end a release..... Anyway I'm not
> really sure if I'm going to maintain it in the feature because of the
> following reasons:
> - We're not sure if we're going to drop netk and use libwnck in 4.6.
> If we are going to use wnck the only dependency for the daemon is
> gconf.

I followed this discussion.. but 4.6 is far away (i hope not too much) !

- Ports suck.

So-called "de-gnomification", eh ?

- I'm not happy with the daemon because the concept is crap, no
> notifications history, ugly stock themes, sucky theme support, daemon
> keeps running on the background for nothing and now the original
> version entered the stage where they add junk like sounds etc (aaarg
> chord.wav, get it?).

Eeeks... atm, i managed to make whole Xfce desktop independent from
gconf/gnome-stuff on OpenBSD, so i'll avoid to port this one if it goes in
this direction. But claws-mail isn't a part of Xfce desktop.. cruel choice.

> - nick, do you plan to finish the update to the latest one from upstream's
> > project ? 0.3.7 was released some time ago.
> SVN has all the fixes from 0.3.7 IIRC, maybe I'll make a release some day,
> duno.

That'd be really cool :)

> - are there some plans to make other Xfce apps use it ?
> Thunar uses it (but I'm sure Benny cried for a couple of hours when
> committing the exo code) and I think Orage in trunk too. But I hope
> other apps are not going to use it. Maybe we come up with a better
> replacement for the notification daemon some day, we'll see.

I see.. juha, what do you think about it ? Wait and see ?

> I think this app deserves more attention, so i hope it'll be maintained,
> and
> > used :)
> Meh...

So, that were the bad news i was expecting :(

Thanks anyway :)

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