notification-daemon-xfce update and q's

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Fri May 25 21:29:19 CEST 2007

2007/5/25, Landry Breuil <landry.breuil at>:
> I didn't want
> to start with galago's notification-daemon, because it depended on gconf et
> al.

That was the reason I ported it to Xfce more as a fun project, but it
ended up in the repo and at the end a release..... Anyway I'm not
really sure if I'm going to maintain it in the feature because of the
following reasons:
- We're not sure if we're going to drop netk and use libwnck in 4.6.
If we are going to use wnck the only dependency for the daemon is
- Ports suck.
- I'm not happy with the daemon because the concept is crap, no
notifications history, ugly stock themes, sucky theme support, daemon
keeps running on the background for nothing and now the original
version entered the stage where they add junk like sounds etc (aaarg
chord.wav, get it?).

> - nick, do you plan to finish the update to the latest one from upstream's
> project ? 0.3.7 was released some time ago.

SVN has all the fixes from 0.3.7 IIRC, maybe I'll make a release some day, duno.

> - are there some plans to make other Xfce apps use it ?

Thunar uses it (but I'm sure Benny cried for a couple of hours when
committing the exo code) and I think Orage in trunk too. But I hope
other apps are not going to use it. Maybe we come up with a better
replacement for the notification daemon some day, we'll see.

> - there is a typo in src/daemon/, $(LIBXFCE$UTIL_CFLAGS)
> shouldn't be replaced by $(LIBXFCE4UTIL_CFLAGS) ?

Yeah it should be. Or UTIL_CFLAGS="4UTIL_CFLAGS" it set somewhere in
the Makefile.

>  - why is libnotify optional in configure ? i've seen repercussions on
> src/settings/main.c, that means we can't configure popup placement if
> libnotify's not here ? I though it was mandatory, as notify-send is provided
> by libnotify.

This is only used for the preview button in the settings dialog. I
could've made it a hard dep, because the daemon is useless without
libnotify, but this is more confusing *giggle*.

> - themes/bubble is not built/installed ? is it intentional ? (maybe because
> there's not a theme selection mechanism, just guessing..)

Because the theme is b0rked, also in the original version. There is
theme switch support in the dialog and the daemon, but it's commented

> I think this app deserves more attention, so i hope it'll be maintained, and
> used :)



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