xfdesktop4 4.4 crashes

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 19:23:31 CET 2007

> Let's see...

Thanks for the comments Brian! I'll keep them in mind when looking at each specific bug.
I'll try to get the reporters use the -dbg packages see if they can come up with better backtraces.
As for xfce4-session it may be dbus related as session uses dbus to talk to HAL as a fallback, even
in stock 4.4.

As for the 'Other' menu, quite a few 3rd party apps end up there. The one which comes installed by default in xubuntu
and the only entry in that menu however is gnome-app-install that has Categories=PackageManager;GTK;
so an 'additional category 'with no 'main category' as the spec suggests. Probably the gnome menu code is more forgiving
and infers Settings as a main category here.



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