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Mon Jul 9 22:41:58 CEST 2007

Stephan Arts wrote:
> On 7/9/07, Harold Aling <h.aling at> wrote:
>>  Bo Lorentsen wrote:
>>  Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>  We don't need anything fancy. Xfsettings or XConf or whatever is fine.
>>  There's no need to come up with special terminology to replace
>> 'channels', because the term is more or less unimportant now. If you
>> really want to, just use something like 'config nodes', since it really
>> is a true tree of preferences.
>>  I like the simplicity of XConf, very few would misunderstand the purpose
>> of that system, and it sounds like GConf, but it is what it does.
>> /BL
>>  Also, if 'xfce' or 'xf' is part of the name, non-xfce applications/users
>> may think twice before installing/adopting it in their applications. XConf
>> could be seen as a standard X configuration store, hopefully without Xfce
>> dependencies (or as less as possible)... My vote goes to 'XConf'...
>>  Has anyone given any thought how to remove information stored in XConf?
>> Upon uninstalling an application who uses it, I'd also like to remove the
>> configuration files/settings...
> Hmm, you mean that when someone removes (for example) the panel, all
> configuration-entries used by the panel should be removed?
> This might prove to be difficult since some entries could be used by
> more then one application at the same time. But if nodes need to be
> 'registered' before they can be used, the config-daemon can count who
> registered a node.
> A command-line app could tell the daemon it should 'unregister' app
> 'x' for node 'y'. If all registered apps are removed, it can clean up
> the node.
> However, this might be a bit complex.
What about including some specification file (xml?) and upon removal of 
that file, purge the settings from the store?

Example: "/etc/xconf/xconf.d/xfwm4" which contains the configuration 
specification (and defaults) for xfwm4. Upon install, XConf sees the 
file, adds it to the store and upon deletion, XConf removes the entries 
from the store...

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