MCS design proposal

Stephan Arts stephan at
Mon Jul 9 22:36:32 CEST 2007

On 7/9/07, Harold Aling <h.aling at> wrote:
>  Bo Lorentsen wrote:
>  Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>  We don't need anything fancy. Xfsettings or XConf or whatever is fine.
>  There's no need to come up with special terminology to replace
> 'channels', because the term is more or less unimportant now. If you
> really want to, just use something like 'config nodes', since it really
> is a true tree of preferences.
>  I like the simplicity of XConf, very few would misunderstand the purpose
> of that system, and it sounds like GConf, but it is what it does.
> /BL
>  Also, if 'xfce' or 'xf' is part of the name, non-xfce applications/users
> may think twice before installing/adopting it in their applications. XConf
> could be seen as a standard X configuration store, hopefully without Xfce
> dependencies (or as less as possible)... My vote goes to 'XConf'...
>  Has anyone given any thought how to remove information stored in XConf?
> Upon uninstalling an application who uses it, I'd also like to remove the
> configuration files/settings...

Hmm, you mean that when someone removes (for example) the panel, all
configuration-entries used by the panel should be removed?

This might prove to be difficult since some entries could be used by
more then one application at the same time. But if nodes need to be
'registered' before they can be used, the config-daemon can count who
registered a node.

A command-line app could tell the daemon it should 'unregister' app
'x' for node 'y'. If all registered apps are removed, it can clean up
the node.

However, this might be a bit complex.

>  -H-


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