MCS design proposal

Bo Lorentsen bl at
Mon Jul 9 22:56:28 CEST 2007

Harold Aling wrote:

> What about including some specification file (xml?) and upon removal of 
> that file, purge the settings from the store?
We need at leased to be able to to this via systems like debconf, and 
that again emphasize the need to be totally Xfce in depending at the 
access API layer ...

> Example: "/etc/xconf/xconf.d/xfwm4" which contains the configuration 
> specification (and defaults) for xfwm4. Upon install, XConf sees the 
> file, adds it to the store and upon deletion, XConf removes the entries 
> from the store...
But, we still need to be able to use different storage backends ? I 
personally like a DBM (or something like it) version for fast and 
compact storage.


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