Session client support in libxfce4ui

Harold Aling h.aling at
Thu Dec 20 00:22:08 CET 2007

On Wed, 19 Dec 2007 14:40:21 -0800, "Brian J. Tarricone"
<bjt23 at> wrote:
> Barring that, I think I'd actually rather put xfdesktop etc. in
> autostart rather than continuing to use session management.
> 	-brian

I second that! A simple configuration dialog to define which window
manager, desktop manager and panel are to be started on login... Every once
in a while I try compiz, but always come back to Xfwm4. Autostarting an
alternative WM would be a breeze that way, and everybody will understand

But I'd also like to be notified of unsaved documents upon logout instead
of just killing all apps...


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