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Fri Aug 24 17:09:07 CEST 2007

Robby Workman wrote:
> gksu also needs libgksu, and libgksu needs gconf and libgtop.
> I don't know what else (if anything) those two need, but that's far
> enough into the gnome dependency tree to make me stop.
> Note that I don't necessarily have anything against gnome, but for
> distributions (such as Slackware) that don't include gnome, this is
> indeed a problem.
> With that said, I realize that not shipping gnome was a choice made by
> the distribution, and perhaps some of the consequences of that choice
> are not exactly great for some users, but that's how it goes... :-)
Yes, I agree, but I call this kind of choices "design" ; Zenwalk is not 
*really* designed to be a GNU/Linux distribution (a Linux 
**distribution** is a collection of software packages built on top of 
GNU libc and Linux, and ready to use). We try to provide a consistent 
set of applications : XFCE is THE desktop environment in Zenwalk, GNOME 
isn't (although it's great). Users don't need several desktop 
environment : they need something that just work. Of course to try 
several Desktop Environments, users first need a Linux distribution 
(like Debian) and then if they choose XFCE , they **can** install 
Zenwalk or Xubuntu.

That's why I try to reduce the amount Gnome libs in Zenwalk packages : 
it is more consistent, simpler to package, more reliable, simpler to 
troubleshoot, smaller, uses less memory : it's a better design imho.

Sorry for being a bit out of topic here ;)



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