Question about desktop files

Robby Workman xfce at
Fri Aug 24 16:50:01 CEST 2007

Jean-Philippe Guillemin wrote:
> Christian Dywan wrote:
>> Why in the world do you want to get rid of gksu? It's a super handy
>> tool for nothing but running graphical apps as root. It does not
>> require gnome. 
> Gksu prior to version 1.3.7 : yes.
> After this version Gnome session and Gnome keyring are needed (no more 
> "-a" switch if I remember well). That's why Zenwalk still provide 
> version 1.3.7 of Gksu.

Yes, gnome-keyring does not need anything from gnome.

However, gksu also needs libgksu, and libgksu needs gconf and libgtop.
I don't know what else (if anything) those two need, but that's far
enough into the gnome dependency tree to make me stop.

Note that I don't necessarily have anything against gnome, but for
distributions (such as Slackware) that don't include gnome, this is
indeed a problem.

With that said, I realize that not shipping gnome was a choice made by
the distribution, and perhaps some of the consequences of that choice
are not exactly great for some users, but that's how it goes... :-)


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