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Christian Dywan christian at
Thu Aug 23 21:30:23 CEST 2007

Am Wed, 22 Aug 2007 13:44:23 +0200
schrieb Bernhard Walle <bernhard.walle at>:

> Hello,
> is there some possibility to execute a program as root in a .desktop
> file? KDE and GNOME honor X-KDE-RootOnly=true and prompt for the root
> password.
> Of course, you can hard-code “gtksu” or something like this in the
> .desktop file. But then it breaks KDE or GNOME because GNOME users
> probably don’t want to be prompted by kdesu for their root password.
> Thanks for any hints.
>      Bernhard
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As far as I know there doesn't exist a standardized value for this.

However the "problem" is in fact not as bad if you consider that a kde
user running "gksu Thunar" is running a gtk app anyway. So he wouldn't
be that surprised that the password prompt is also gtk.

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