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Wed Apr 18 22:34:47 CEST 2007

On 4/18/07, Kok, Auke <sofar at> wrote:
> jani,
> please don't strip the `John Doe wrote:...` lines.
> The discussion is completely unreadable now.
> Auke

The discussion is not even worth reading.... so why would we mind. If
Bo wants to do something with XFC, imho he's free to do so (it's GPL
afterall ;) )...
This whole discussion is just again and again jani trying to push Xfce
in adopting GNOME programs. I am so very very very confident that it
is *very* save to just ignore jani's part of the discussion...

The only thing that is important is that somebody wants to pick up XFC
and continue working on it. That's all that matters in this mail
thread. And i think we should try to keep the discussion limited to

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