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Mon Sep 18 21:17:11 CEST 2006

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Björn Martensen wrote:

> why is it not as easy for a user to resize a windw by dragging the top
> border (only works with alt + right click) as it is to resize it with
> every other border or the corners (left click only)?
> AFAIK xfwm is the only window manager that does not let you resize the
> window by dragging the top border in the same way as it works with the
> other borders.

You know you can use alt+right mouse button to resize a window toward
the closer side, don't you?

> I think it is unneccessary complicated since a user would expect it to
> work the same way for every border and i don't really see any advantages
> in the current behaviour or some kind of "smart design".

I wouldn't say "smart", it's just that top resizing is not that useful
IMHP. I believe it makes a lot of sense to use the title bar of a window
to move it, rather than taking a portion of it for resize.

On the other system, of with some other window managers, I quite often
click on the title bar to move a window and end up resizing it toward
the top while it not what I meant in the first place.

Therefore, the current behavior just works right for me.

> I used many window managers in the past and all had the ability to let
> you resize with the top border so i find the behaviour of xfwm rather
> irritating.

No problem, feel free to use any other EMWH compliant window manager.
Xfce is deigned to be modular, you don't like one of its components?..
use another one.

> Please explain why this way was chosen over a more "standard" way.

It's a design decision. If by "standard", you mean behaving just like
Microsoft Windows, then yes, xfwm4 is non standard.

> I'd like to know the reasons for this first, but i might aswell just
> file a feature request/bug report (it is a bit of both, IMHO).

I think it's pretty worthless, but you may file a feature request.
Chances that it gets implemented are very low though.

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