resize by dragging the top border of a window

Bjoern Martensen bjoern.martensen at
Mon Sep 18 22:18:59 CEST 2006

> Hi


> Björn Martensen wrote:
> > why is it not as easy for a user to resize a windw by dragging the top
> > border (only works with alt + right click) as it is to resize it with
> > every other border or the corners (left click only)?
> > AFAIK xfwm is the only window manager that does not let you resize the
> > window by dragging the top border in the same way as it works with the
> > other borders.
> You know you can use alt+right mouse button to resize a window toward
> the closer side, don't you?

yes, i know that but i find it a bit annyoing to be forced to press an
additional key for something i expect just to work, so i don't like
that behaviour very much.

> > I used many window managers in the past and all had the ability to let
> > you resize with the top border so i find the behaviour of xfwm rather
> > irritating.
> No problem, feel free to use any other EMWH compliant window manager.
> Xfce is deigned to be modular, you don't like one of its components?..
> use another one.

i already considered that move but besides this one thing i really
like xfwm4, that's the "bad" thing ;)

> > Please explain why this way was chosen over a more "standard" way.
> It's a design decision. If by "standard", you mean behaving just like
> Microsoft Windows, then yes, xfwm4 is non standard.

i haven't said anything about windows, i haven't used it for a long
time if i'm not forced to and neither did i like the window manager
from windows very much, so i would not consider ms windows as
"standard". by standard i meant the behaviour i found in any other
window manager i've used to this point besides xfwm4 (*box, wmi, fvwm,

> > I'd like to know the reasons for this first, but i might aswell just
> > file a feature request/bug report (it is a bit of both, IMHO).
> I think it's pretty worthless, but you may file a feature request.
> Chances that it gets implemented are very low though.

well, as you said, it's pretty pointless then. too bad. maybe an
option which allows resizing with the top bar in the wm tweaks section
that is disabled by default would be a nice thing but i guess since
you like it this way it won't be included. :/

> Cheers,
> Olivier.


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