libxfcegui4 (No Bug, so no rush)

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Thu Nov 16 19:43:51 CET 2006

Alexandre Moreira wrote:
> Hello, everyone.
> I hate to pollute the list with these questions at this time of the 
> game (with the release right around the corner and all that), so feel 
> free to postpone answers to this thread.
> I am looking at the libxfcegui4 code (I am really interested in seeing 
> this tasklist merged with iconbox, and I have some unnatural need to 
> learn new frameworks, so now it is Gtk+) and something is bouncing on 
> the back of my head: Why is the tasklist widget in libxfcegui4 ? Any 
> other application (besides tasklist plugin) uses it ?
All the netk code is based on a copy of libwnck from GNOME and every 
once in a while changes to libwnck are put into libxfcegui4. You are of 
course right that the widgets are basically only used in the panel.

> I'm asking this because I am thinking in trying to write a similar 
> widget so I can learn more about all those things involved (probably 
> the code will not have the quality to go into Xfce, but I can try) 
> and, if it is not needed to be in the lib, I could just work it out 
> basing my code in IconBox (which seems to be independent from this 
> tasklist code) and working my way until a full featured Tasklist.

Working outside the lib is perfectly acceptable and in this case a much 
better idea ;-)

Good luck,

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