libxfcegui4 (No Bug, so no rush)

Alexandre Moreira alexandream at
Thu Nov 16 16:27:03 CET 2006

Hello, everyone.

I hate to pollute the list with these questions at this time of the game
(with the release right around the corner and all that), so feel free to
postpone answers to this thread.

I am looking at the libxfcegui4 code (I am really interested in seeing this
tasklist merged with iconbox, and I have some unnatural need to learn new
frameworks, so now it is Gtk+) and something is bouncing on the back of my
head: Why is the tasklist widget in libxfcegui4 ? Any other application
(besides tasklist plugin) uses it ?

I'm asking this because I am thinking in trying to write a similar widget so
I can learn more about all those things involved (probably the code will not
have the quality to go into Xfce, but I can try) and, if it is not needed to
be in the lib, I could just work it out basing my code in IconBox (which
seems to be independent from this tasklist code) and working my way until a
full featured Tasklist.

Best regards,
Alexandre Moreira.
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