Xarchiver: behaviour of switch -n for Thunar integration

Ori Bernstein rand_chars at rogers.com
Wed Jun 28 20:48:34 CEST 2006

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 11:25:24 +0200, Colossus <colossus73 at gmail.com> said:

> Hi,
> I developed the switch -n this way:
> -n, --new=[archive name] [file1] [file2] ... [fileN]        Ask for
> the archive to be created, add files to it and quits.
> Someone have asked me to change it to:
> -n, --new [file1]  [file2] [fileN] ...
> Prompt for the archive name to create, and add files given in cmd line
> in this new archive.

What about going for the second one, with a -o or -c switch for specifying the
name on the command line? This allows good command line usage, easy scripts for
archiving a directory (-c %directoryname.tar.gz -n %directoryname), but also
allows prompting for a name when there's none specified.

(blah. I tried sending this from the wrong email.. again. I really have to
change my subscription.)

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