OT (slightly) UI/feature plans for next Xubuntu

Stefan Stuhr xfce4devlist at sstuhr.dk
Mon Jun 19 23:26:19 CEST 2006

tir, 20 06 2006 kl. 00:13 +0300, skrev Jani Monoses:
> Yeah, I don't mean to convince until I am convinced myself that it's
> cleanly doable ;)
> The single reason is spreading out plugins on the panel so they are more
> easily locatable and clickable. The use of the expanded separator plugin
> - at least in it's current form - for this seems very unnatural to me
> and takes too much fiddling around to get applets in the positions you want.
> Besides that the free space is not the panel actually but the separator
> plugin, so it does not have the Restart item in it's context menu.

I like the current solid behaviour too. But maybe it's not as logical
for non-developers? I mean, I'm used to packing of widgets in boxes with
PyGTK, but non-developers aren't. I don't know.

About the Restart item; normal users shouldn't need it at all. It's good
for testing when developing plugins, or for restarting the panel after
an update, but then one might just as well run $(xfce4-panel -r).
There's also the problem with the Restart item being in the same group
in the menu as the Quit item, despite having completely unrelated
behaviour (Restart restarts the panels; Quit opens the End Session

> Jani


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